Android App Development Course Faisalabad


Android Development

Expertcode Training Institute offer professional training about Android Apps Development.After this training session students will able to get online App development work and have lot of opportunity for to get a job in market .After this training we will offer internship and also we will offer job for deserving students.

Android Environment Building
  • Android And Versions Overview
  • JDK Overview & Installation Instructions
  • Android SDK Overview & Configuration
  • Android SDK Components Details
  • Android Executable And Installation Package
  • Required API levels Installation Instructions
  • Android Home, Java Home, Java Path Environment Variables On Windows
  • Android IDE Installation Instructions
Hello World APP
  • How To Create New Project In Android IDE
  • Hello World App
  • Android ADB And Connection With Device & APK Installation
  • Android Project Structure
  • Android Resources Overview
  • Project Compilation
XML Views Designing
  • Android Manifest File Settings
  • Activity Overview
  • XML Overview
  • XML Important Tags And Properties
  • How To Draw Widgets (Controls/Views) In XML
  • XML Layouts Overview (Linear Layout, Relative Layout)
  • Overview On Widgets (Button, Text view, Edit Text, Scroll view etc.)
  • Integration Of XML With Java Source
XML Integration with JAVA
  • Integrations & Basic Implementations Of listeners For Widgets In Android
Activities and Java Basic Concepts
  • Intent Class Overview
  • Pass Data From One Activity To Another
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Interface Implementation
  • Activities Management
  • Data Transferring From Activity To Another
  • Data Passing Through Intents And Interfaces
SQLite Database
  • Database Introduction
  • SQLite Database Overview
  • SQLite Database Creation
  • SQLite Database Connectivity
  • Database Queries
  • Database Basic Operations
  • Data & View Models
Shared Preferences
  • Saving Settings & Restoring Views
Dialog's View Customization
  • Toast, Dialog's, Snack bar
Threading& Call Backs
  • A sync Task Overview
  • Abstract Classes
  • Implementation Of Abstract Classes
  • Difference Between Abstract Classes And Interface
Adapters & Customizations
  • Basic Adapters, List Adapters
Listing Views & Customization
  • List View
  • List view Customization
  • List view Item Layouts
  • View Holders
  • Grid view
  • Grid view Item Layouts
  • Grid view Adapter
JOSN Serialization & Deserialization
  • JSON Parsing Library Overview
  • View Models With JSON Properties
Internet Connection
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Data Downloading & Uploading
  • Images Loading & Caching
Google GPS & Maps
  • GPS Implementation
  • Google Maps Integration
Fragments Overview
  • Fragment Overview & Fragment Adapter
Broadcast Receivers
  • Implementation & Customization
Android Services